Ready to get a jump on life!?

Blossom Enterprises offer a mentoring program like none other in existence!  The Blossom Mentoring Pyramid is designed to engage all Blossom Colleagues in a combination of learning, mentoring and productive work.  Each person meets regularly with those above and below themselves in the pyramid, transferring knowledge, skills and Blossom’s “can-do” culture.  Not only do colleagues gain invaluable on-the-job training, but if they become a shareholding Associate, they will receive a proportional share of all Blossom Enterprises, Ltd. profits.

How It Works

Unfortunately, we can’t accept everyone who wants to be a Blossom Enterprises Colleague, so the first step is to determine if a candidate is a good match.  This entails completing the online application detailing the candidate’s background, interests, skills and motivation for wanting to become a Colleague.

With a completed application, the process typically unfolds in a series of steps.

  1. Review the application, asses intersection of interests with Blossom’s openings and those of partners.
  2. Sit down with a Blossom Associate or above to map out goals and a plan for their achievement.
  3. Connect the student with a business of their choice for job shadowing.  The student will have an opportunity shadow at a variety of businesses and positions.  Each shadowing session will last around 4 hours.
  4. Assuming a positive outcome from one or more of the shadowing sessions, a paid or unpaid (depending on the employer) internship may be offered.
  5. Once the foundation of an employer/employee relationship is formed and working well, the internship can lead to a paid apprenticeship position and potentially to full-time employment.

If this position is within Blossom Enterprises, the student intern will become a Blossom Enterprises Colleague and begin to engage in Blossom’s Mentoring Pyramid.

Then comes the hard part… working to achieve the goals that have been set.  Fellow Colleagues from Blossom are available to assist however needed, encouraging often and pushing if necessary.  But it is up to the individual to do the study and practice necessary for success.  Once a certain level of knowledge is attained, interns will begin to exercise their skills in a professional environment, with mentors always nearby.

However, we understand that not everyone knows exactly what they want to do.  So Blossom Colleagues will have the opportunity to explore different fields and then to go deep into their particular interests.  As an organization, we will help them to find their niche.

There is no set completion time for shadowing or an internship.  In the course of their working relationship, the Colleague, the business and Blossom Enterprises will come to understand whether they are a good long-term fit.  A Colleague can leave whenever they choose once their contractual obligations have been met.   In many cases, with sufficient experience, Blossom Enterprises can provide job placement assistance for a small commission.  For the best of Blossom’s interns, a permanent shareholding Associate position may be offered where they will be free to continue pursuing their passions within Blossom Enterprises.