Blossom Enterprises, Ltd. grows abundantly fruitful people.  Designed to be a perpetually growing social enterprise incubator, Blossom Enterprises’ innovative products and services will benefit billions of people around the globe.  And through its human resource development programs, Blossom will promote the growth of more than 1 million differently advantaged young Americans into abundantly fruitful people over the next forty years.  This, combined with the innovative goods & services that these people produce and the businesses
that they build destines Blossom Enterprises to be an historic company.

Blossom Enterprises, Ltd. is an employee owned Limited Liability Company that is building its core business around professional training and placement for adults from 18 to 38 years old.  This training will focus on high value sectors that can be entered with two to four years of post-secondary education and also intersect with Blossom’s internal needs.  These include fields like computer aided design and drafting (CADD), mechanical engineering, computer programming, entrepreneurism and certain areas of business.   Expertise in these skills will form the nucleus of Blossom Enterprises’ core competencies.

Associated with the nonprofit Blossom Care Network (BCN), which nurtures youth at high risk of being abused or exploited to become successful adults, Blossom Enterprises continues BCN’s mission as teens reach adulthood.  Our company will provide these and other young people with continued social support and personal development, integrated with real-world work experience, academic study and intensive mentoring.

From student to CEO, staff members commonly refer to each other as colleagues, denoting a respected associate.  We work with differently advantaged young people starting in High School through early adulthood to:

  1. Identify their interests, strengths and talents.
  2. Set personal and career goals, with a plan to achieve them.
  3. Work in a mutually beneficial and supportive manner to achieve growth.

All Blossom Enterprises colleagues are actively engaged in Blossom’s mentoring pyramid, working with those above and below them on improving their knowledge, skills and performance.  The goal is to become a constantly growing organization in terms of size and intelligence, with a built-in system for communicating knowledge.

Making up the base of this pyramid are students and interns.  New students and internship candidates work with a recently inducted Blossom Associate to identify goals and weigh courses of action.  When goals and an action plan are clearly understood by both the individual and by Blossom Enterprises, an assessment of fit is conducted by a committee of colleagues to determine the candidate’s fit for Blossom Enterprises’ culture and needs based on their attitude, talents, skills and growth potential.

A prerequisite for joining Blossom Enterprises is enrollment in legitimate schooling, whether online or in-person.  Once on their way Blossom Enterprises stands beside new colleagues, offering assistance for schooling, internships, apprenticeships and eventual career opportunities within Blossom, or job placement with a wide variety of firms. Businesses are willing to pay large sums for highly trained, exceptional quality employees.

Along the way Blossom Enterprises will develop products and launch business that incorporate innovative design, using computer aided design & drafting tools, advanced manufacturing, computer & machine programming, robotics and mechanical/electrical engineering.  These core skills will translate into a variety of products for consumer and business markets.  As a model for what Blossom Enterprises is going to achieve, one can look to 3M’s inventive culture and widely varied product lines.

Presently, Blossom Care Network is assembling the right team of leaders that will enable Blossom Enterprises to achieve whatever it puts its collective mind to; at the same time initial operations have commenced.

Blossom Enterprises’ first business launch was a computer aided design & 3D modeling shop called, in August of 2016.  It mostly creates designs and digittal drawings for individuals and businesses.  A significant percentage of these are modeled using a 3D printer.  What makes Blawesome3D unique is that student engineers manage the project, handling both the design and prototyping work.  The plan is to build this business slowly but profitably.

An example of a working prototype product and a potential stand-alone business is the Aerobat3D.  Its an extremely fun remote control airplane which at present is sold by special order (We can produce two at a time), but may be ramped-up to build distribution.  Something quite a bit more advanced but still on the drawing board is HANSolo: potentially the first, fastest and highest flying, longest endurance lighter-than-air (LTA), multi tilt-rotor aircraft in the world.  Also on the drawing board is a lightweight, field deployable, hybrid quadcopter/fixed-wing drone with the range of an airplane but the full hover & vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities of a copter.  We refer to the combination of aeronautics and robotics as aerobotics.  There is more information on the website.

Hemp Colorado ( was launched in December of 2016 and is likely to become Blossom Enterprises fastest
growing division in the near-term.  It also provides an excellent training platform to introduce students to a relatively simple business model.  Thus, is where most of the company’s resources will be directed in 2017.  Hemp Colorado is dedicated to being the first producer of clothing designed, manufactured and printed in Colorado from Colorado grown hemp.  In the meantime, we are building the HCO brand with hemp/cotton blend t-shirts manufactured (in the USA) by others but rebranded and printed with custom designs here in Denver.

chARity Shirts is Hemp Colorado’s innovative program benefiting local charities and featuring children’s’ artwork on limited edition shirts.  Leveraging social media in conjunction with the sponsored charity is the centerpiece of the HCO’s chARity Shirts  marketing strategy.  Traffic generated from this campaign will help drive sales of HCO’s other apparel. Although HCO promotes the use and commercialization of industrial hemp, it does not encourage the use of recreational marijuana and will not incorporate wording or symbols that could be connected with its promotion into its marketing or on the website.

On the other hand, is a stand-alone website that will feature multiple product lines from various suppliers including HCO.  It is intended to be an online storefront combined with community gathering and information dissemination center for those working in the industrial hemp industry or those wanting to find out more about hemp.  It is much more of a lifestyle website, and it will encourage open discussion of topics related to hemp, including recreational marijuana, and will incorporate symbols such as the marijuana leaf.  Once initial development is complete and there is sufficient growth in traffic this site can be operated as a stand-alone business or sold.

Community college and other students that want career mentoring and meet Blossom’s criteria will be offered internships working on various internal and external projects.  Close to completion of their coursework, the top third of these will be recruited for full-time, paid apprenticeships.  Of those, one half will be offered an opportunity to become an Associate Partner in the company’s seven-tiered ownership structure, and roughly half will accept.  In this way, Blossom Enterprises will retain the top tier of program entrants, while profitably placing the remaining trainees (also highly skilled) with the large number of firms demanding exceptional quality employees.

While training these young individuals Blossom Enterprises will take on external projects on a contract basis at the same time developing innovative internal products and services in fields that meet these criteria:

  • Rapidly growing employment opportunities
  • High disruptive potential through application of innovative product design and marketing
  • High profit potential, with steady long-term demand growth
  • Minimal linkage to economic cycles or ability to offset cycles through market diversification

In addition to revenues from professional placement and contracts, the profits from these businesses will enable Blossom Enterprises’ owner-employees to be among the best compensated in their industries.  Sharing these profits equitably, the CEO’s salary is capped at seven times the compensation of the Associate level.  Because everyone is paid the majority of their compensation from profit sharing, the company will grow a highly productive, profit-motivated and responsive culture; in other words… lean, hungry and nimble.

Why We Do It?

There are three main reasons why Blossom Enterprises does what it does.  First, we believe that with guidance any intelligent person can gain the skills and attitude necessary to achieve whatever they wish.  However, many people from checkered backgrounds or with health issues are discounted as less than desirable employees, and thus are relegated to minimum wage jobs or unemployment.

These may be young people that made some unwise choices and are facing a lifetime of consequences.  Or perhaps they were injured or have a disability.  However they came to their present situation, they’re looking for a second chance and have reached the point where they are willing to commit to making changes is pursuit of a better life.

Second, Blossom Enterprises believes that all of us are called to love our neighbors and should work to leave this world in better condition than when we arrived.  The wasting of our youth’s potential saddens us, and our country pays a steep price for it.  Isn’t it better to discover, grow, and then utilize the talents of our young people?  By doing so, we all benefit!  We know that poverty is generational, so through its training programs Blossom Enterprises is going to break the cycle for over a million people over the next forty years.  And each of the Blossom Enterprises partners can take great satisfaction in positively impacting these millions of lives, plus billions of other lives through Blossom Enterprises’ products and services!

Lastly, along the way, we’re going to enjoy living well.  Yes, making abundant profit is a fruit we will all enjoy.  But more importantly, Blossom is going to have a lot of fun helping millions of people by doing some really cool, beneficial stuff.  Best of all, each Blossom Partner gets to spend their time building a historically great company, where each person’s own growth also helps to grow the business and better their community.

What We Are Doing?

As touched on, Blossom Enterprises will engage in a number of different businesses ventures.  In addition to the four previously listed criteria, Blossom will look to enter markets where there is an intersection between old and new technologies.  After these businesses become self sustaining, non-core units can be operated independently, may be sold or taken public.

Blossom Enterprises’ core business (though probably not it’s most profitable) will always be professional development and placement of exceptional quality personnel.  This field of business meets all four criteria for market entry, and is ripe for the application of technology in new ways.

It is Blossom Enterprises’ goal to operate every unit within the organization both as a profit center and as a training platform.  The objective is to have enough participants in the internship and apprentice programs that excess capacity can be farmed out to other businesses at a profit.  For instance, when capacity of the accounting division meets all of Blossom’s internal requirements, continued growth in trainees can be accommodated at the same time that revenue is generated, by serving outside clients.

How We Will Do It?

Of course, these varied businesses will take many years to build and will be developed in a methodical sequence.  Below are businesses that Blossom Enterprises is either evaluating, testing or has entered (first two).  Blossom’s initial objectives are to earn revenue and build a pipeline of trainees, but over time Blossom’s operation will become much more complex.  Here are some ideas for fields that Blossom Enterprises will pursue in the future.  The first four lines of business are presently in some form of operation.

  1. Hemp Colorado – production of hemp clothing made in Colorado and operation of online storefront and communities selling industrial hemp products and sharing information.
  2. BLawesome3D – CADD Contracting Services
    1. Computer-aided design & drafting to client specs.
    2. Mechanical design
    3. Rapid prototyping
  3. Blossom Aerobotics
    1. Aerobat 3D – An incredibly maneuverable airplane model made from EPP foam with carbon fiber reinforcement.  This was chosen due to the CEO’s personal interest, because it required minimal start-up capital, because the BLawesome3D design is best-in-class, and because with innovative marketing beyond traditional RC enthusiasts, there is sizable revenue potential.  It also teaches about design, aerodynamics, materials, and electronics, with potential tie-ins to computer game programming and graphic design.
    2. Helium Assisted Navigator Solo (HANS) – a helium balloon mated with an exterior quad-copter frame overcoming flight-time, altitude, noise, maneuverability, reliability and payload limitations for commercial applications.
  4. Professional Personnel Training – At the core of Blossom Enterprises is always the goal to produce abundantly fruitful people, who also make exceptionally great employees. One of the keys to long-term success will be working with local area schools to build a pipeline of students in:
    1. Computer-aided modeling
    2. Computer/Machine coding
    3. Business management and core disciplines
    4. Mechanical engineering
  5. Career Placement Services – after participants in the Blossom program have completed an internship and apprenticeship in one of the sectors above (and in the future, below), 90% of them will be placed with outside firms for a fee paid by the employer.
  6. Blossom MD – Customized 3D printed medical devices
  7. Blossom Farms – Industrial micro farming of high-value crops in modular, computer controlled environments.
  8. Blossom Energy – Renewable bio-energy and thorium based nuclear power, with development of related by-products.