Blossom Enterprises wants success for our Colleagues in every aspect of their lives.  When we say that we grow “abundantly fruitful” people, we mean people overflowing with prosperity and happiness.  The first essential ingredient is integrity… fulfilling our commitments to ourselves and others.  And a commitment to growing one’s own integrity is the first criteria for participating in the Blossom Mentoring Pyramid.

Before you complete this application, deeply consider what your commitment is going to be.  Are you going to follow through and do the hard work necessary to achieve the objectives that you are going to set?  Do you have the integrity to be accountable to yourself, to Blossom Enterprises and to the professionals you will be working with?  Will you commit to working until you reach your goals, no matter what?  If so, Blossom will help you and we’ll get there together, but you’re going to have to do your fair share of the work.  The responsibility is ultimately yours.