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Blossom Enterprises, Ltd. is a startup, employee owned, Colorado Limited Liability Company operating a social enterprise business incubator that engages in a variety of innovative ventures, but whose primary focus will always be the growth of exceptional quality people. It is these same people that will lead Blossom into new fields like aerobotics or industrial hemp or computerized micro farming, or to those yet to be imagined; they will create what is undreamed of, and we get to call them Colleagues.



For the Unconventional Leaders of Tomorrow.

Blossom works with differently advantaged young people who want to achieve more and make a difference. Starting in High School through early adulthood we work together to: 1) identify their interests, strengths and talents; 2) set personal and career goals, with a plan to achieve them; and 3) work in an mutually beneficial and supportive manner to achieve successful growth toward our mutual goals. All Blossom Enterprises Colleagues are actively engaged in Blossom's Mentoring Pyramid, working with those above and below them to improve their skills and performance while exchanging acquired knowledge, fresh ideas and our "can-do" attitude.

Blossom's Businesses

From students to CEO, Blossom Enterprises' staff members are commonly referred to as Colleagues because it denotes a mutual respect among piers. Our Colleagues are the focus of Blossom's core business: skilled job training and placement. However, Blossom Enterprises operates businesses in various industries and while with Blossom, Colleagues will have the option to pursue opportunities in a number of fields. Every aspect of Blossom Enterprises is open for job shadowing and internships. All of our vendors and many professional friends of Blossom have also agreed to work with our Colleagues.
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Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to realize their dreams, Blawesome3D works with engineering/CAD students and certified professionals to provide quality design engineering at below market rates.
Hemp Colorado (
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Dedicated to becoming the first producer of hemp clothing made entirely in Colorado, Hemp Colorado ( currently sells designer hemp/cotton t-shirts, but soon will feature its own line of hemp apparel.
Blossom Aerobotics
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Combining computer aided design with aeronautic, electronic, robotic and mechanical engineering, Blossom Aerobotics researches and designs specialized airborne robots and drones for fun or commercial/militay use.
Blossom Care Network
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As an independent but associated 501(c)3 nonprofit, Blossom Care Network provides trauma informed mentoring to youth who are recovering from abuse or sexual exploitation, and those at high-risk. One of the goals of Blossom Enterprises is to fully support BCN's operations, allowing them to concentrate 100% of their effort and resources on serving young people.
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